Nature, life, path:

VIOS is our development platform for sustainability

– a free, open playground for sustainable ideas. The word VIOS is derived from the Greek term BIOS and the Latin terms VIVO and VIA: Nature, life, path. These are the three aspects that are particularly important at VIOS: nature, the life that surrounds us and the path we take there.

We deal with sustainability as holistically as possible – and in a scientifically sound way. We research, know and test all the substances we deal with. We produce sustainably, and deliver as CO2 neutrally as possible.

The VIOS idea is widely integrated into the collections of our superfit and legero brands. Starting with all leathers used for linings. These are the start of our goal to gradually replace all shoe materials with VIOS materials in the future. But that doesn’t mean we’re done by any means. Because what we aspire to with VIOS is continuous innovation: we constantly research, design and think sustainable solutions further. We’re already implementing the results in our day-to-day production.

“A passion for shoes and respect for nature have always been at the heart of VIOS. Our goal is to manufacture particularly sustainable materials to holistically protect people and nature.”

—Stefan Stolitzka
owner and CEO of legero united


We have created our own standards for consistent sustainability – the VIOS Restricted Substance List.

Leather that bears the VIOS name must be manufactured according to the latest research – chrome-free, and with environmentally friendly dyes and materials. Because it’s important to us to act in the most resource-conserving way possible.
For this reason, we work exclusively with partner companies and production facilities that are committed to the strict criteria of our VIOS Restricted Substance List. This sets higher standards than those required by regulatory authorities or quality certifications. And it’s constantly being developed further together with industrial partners and research institutes.


The interplay of our actions with people and the environment are continuously reviewed.

Our aim is to ensure that as much sustainable material as possible is used in the production of our shoes. That’s why we test our materials for all substances they contain and their impact on people and nature. Only then can they be used for our shoe production. The tests are conducted much more regularly and extensively than those of many other shoe manufacturers. And this in constant cooperation with recognised testing institutes.


Sustainability includes not only production, but also the way we achieve it.

We ensure that transport routes within the supply chain are as short as possible. After all, we want to keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible everywhere. And this path pays off. Recognition is proof of it. That’s why we are particularly pleased to have already received several awards for VIOS. We know that we’re on the right track with VIOS. And we’re taking it further. For people and nature, for today and for tomorrow.

Good for feet, good for the environment.

Producing sustainable footwear calls for passion. For us, sustainability isn’t just a question of innovation. It’s part of our philosophy. We live it from the first second of the day to the last.

With shoes made from our VIOS materials, we enable everyone who cares about a future that’s worth living for future generations to walk this path together with us.