Uniquely sustainable!
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Sustainability in an individual design signature

Europe’s pioneer in the area of sustainable footwear manufacture is based in the small community of Kopfing in Upper Austria. Think! has already manufactured shoes on the basis of comprehensive sustainability principles for over 30 years. For Think!, sustainability is therefore not a trend but a timeless attitude ever since Martin Koller founded the brand in 1991. He developed the cobbler’s workshop his grandparents opened in 1923 into an internationally leading manufacturer of sustainable men’s and women’s footwear with a distinctive signature design language. The brand was incorporated into the legero united company in 2001.

Think! shoes are lined with chrome-free tanned leather from heel to toe. A wide range of cuts and fits that can be individually adjusted to match the foot shape, clever functional features, flexible soles and changeable footbeds guarantee optimum wear comfort. The designs are characterised by the fact that they are particularly easy to put on thanks to additional zips, elasticated inserts or well-thought-out cuts. The low heel heights, never more than four centimetres, promote a natural gait. Think! designs are made exclusively in Europe and produced in 200 manual steps by long-standing partners who have subscribed to the Code of Conduct. All of the materials used are sourced only from European suppliers. This ensures short transport distances and a carbon footprint that is as low as possible, and guarantees maximum transparency.

Think! is a pioneer in sustainability.
And has been for more than 30 years.

For a long shoe life. Our repair service.

Sustainability is the fundamental principle of our brand Think! along the entire value creation chain and over the whole life-cycle of a shoe. We therefore also pay particular attention to ensuring that our shoes last for as long as possible by running our own in-house repair service at our Kopfing site. Instead of throwing shoes away, consumers can return them to the retailer where they bought them, who will then send them to the Think! workshop in Kopfing, where they are repaired. Every year, approximately 1,000 pairs of shoes are given a second life in this way.

Sustainably packaged.

Think! shoes are also packaged in eco-friendly recycled cardboard boxes produced without the use of adhesives, and wrapped in 100 percent recycled tissue paper. Think! shoes are stored using shoe rods made from locally sourced wood, rather than the usual plastic rods. The transport packaging does not contain any metal staples and is held together by plastic-free adhesive tape, because as the footwear industry’s sustainability pioneer, Think! has paid attention to even the smallest detail for over 30 years.

Acknowledged and awarded.

Think! has won recognition throughout the industry for its strict sustainability criteria:

  • In 2015, Think! was the first footwear manufacturer to be awarded the Austrian Ecolabel.
  • Two years later, the company was the first footwear manufacturer to be awarded a Blue Angel eco-label. Since then, over 50 Think! models have already been certified with the renowned Blue Angel award.
  • In 2022, Think! was voted the leading brand in the sustainability category in a German specialist footwear retailer survey.
  • The Think! design HAUKI from the spring/summer 2023 season was nominated for a Green Product Award. HAUKI was short-listed for the award from 1,300 submissions from over 40 countries.
Uniquely sustainable

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