For the protection of people and the environment.

Tracking our emissions.

As part of our company-wide sustainability agenda, we make our CO2 emissions visible and measurable: this allows us to track our progress towards the reduction of our emissions in a transparent and comparable way. And consistently improve our environmental performance.

We calculate our emissions using databases and indices:

EQO-Base: it helps us to document our general environmental indicators on, for example, energy, refrigerant consumption or transport.

Eco-database: a tool developed specifically for our company, which shows the environmental performance for each of our well over 3,500 articles in order to be able to reduce them in a targeted manner.

Higg index: an industry-leading reference measure that shows the sustainability of products along the entire value chain.

Data-driven sustainability and digital design.

We are using innovative technologies to digitalise many of our internal processes as part of our legero united sustainability agenda, or luna for short. This helps us to operate more ecologically and reduce our CO2 footprint. We are currently digitising our design and sample production.

Our designers can compare all model variants in real time using innovative 3D technologies and control and reduce the CO2 footprint of each design with clear targets. This 3D technology also allows us to make significant savings in material and transport resources. This contributes to a targeted, plannable reduction of our CO2 footprint and is another significant contribution to climate protection.