International success story
from the heart of Europe.
Since 1872.

Pioneering knowledge and true concern are our recipe for success.

The roots of our company lie in Vienna: in 1872, Bernhard Strakosch, son of a Jewish clothier family, founded his company for the “production of men’s and women’s shoes in nailed, through-sewn and goat-sewn designs”. The company flourished under his son Otto Strakosch. In his time, around 1900, he was known worldwide as the “king of shoemakers”: his ladies’ shoes, made of the finest silk, artistically embroidered, lined with leather, up to exquisite pumps, were delivered as far as the USA, Australia, South Africa and South America.

In 1994, the company was taken over by Stefan Stolitzka. Under his leadership, the children’s shoe brand superfit and the women’s shoe brand legero were developed internationally. In 2001, the world’s first shoe brand purely committed to sustainability, Think!, was integrated. In the last five years, the company has been consistently digitalised. Today, legero united offers its collections under the brands superfit, legero and Think! in over 40 countries and has an international presence as an owner-managed company with around 2,100 employees.

legero united: a success story of strong brands and a strong team.

It is the concern for people that has driven legero united for generations to make shoes better and better.

Passion and vision have always characterised our actions. legero united continuously invests in innovation, design, efficient manufacturing processes, substantial sustainability and comprehensive digitalisation. This vision and care for people and the environment have made us what we are today: a global shoe manufacturer with a local sense of responsibility.

The milestones of the dynamic legero united success story.


Founding of the company by Bernhard Strakosch as “B. Strakosch & Sohn” in Vienna


Entry of the Strakosch Schuhfabrik GesmbH in the companies register as a Humanic AG subsidiary


Market launch of the first superfit shoe


Stefan Stolitzka takes over the management of Legero Schuhfabrik GesmbH


The company relocates to Styria from Vienna. Establishment of the main production facilities in Hungary and distribution companies in Germany and Switzerland


Stefan Stolitzka takes over Legero Schuhfabrik GesmbH as its owner


Establishment of the production site in Romania


Takeover of Think! Schuhwerk GmbH and establishment of the distribution company in Poland


Establishment of the distribution company in Norway


Market launch of superfit children’s shoes in Germany


Establishment of VIOS® as an innovation platform for sustainable materials and shoe production


Establishment of the distribution company in Turkey


Introduction of the corporate brand legero united as the umbrella for the product brands superfit, legero and Think!


Foundation of legero united India and construction of the first part of the production site in India. Development of the superfit, legero and Think! online stores


Extension of the production site in India; relaunch of the product brands superfit, legero and Think! and establishment of the Swedish distribution company


Move to the new campus headquarters and opening of the shoemakers outlet in Feldkirchen bei Graz. The campus wins the GerambRose architecture award


Re-opening of the shoemakers outlet in Martfü, Hungary, and internationalisation of the superfit, legero and Think! online stores. The campus headquarters win the Styrian wood award for their timber construction and the ÖGNI (Austrian Sustainable Building Council) platinum award


superfit is voted the best children’s shoe brand by Footwear Today in the UK and in the Austrian consumer survey Marken-Monitor. legero united receives an award from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Environment and Climate Protection for its eco-database. German specialist shoe retailers vote Think! the leading brand in sustainability


Nomination of Think! for the Green Product Award. legero united receives the German Innovation Award and the Austrian Business eAward


superfit is once again voted first place in the Austrian consumer survey Marken-Monitor and thus Customer Champion 2024

Founded by the king of shoemakers, enduring through passion and innovation.

Our values: genuinely caring, knowledgeable, creative, pioneering.

A success story like this can only be written when an ambitious team and visionary leaders work hand in hand and share the same cause: to produce the best shoes.