Good shoes know
no compromises.
Only the best craftsmanship.

It’s all down to the craftsmanship.

From the initial design to the finished shoe, each of our shoes requires between 90 and 200 work steps. It all depends on the model and whether a shoe is made for children or adults. It takes a lot of love for the craft, and technical know-how.

Before we produce a shoe, we first look at what it should do. And what our wearers want from it. For us, a shoe should not only look good. Above all, it must be light and comfortable. Ideally, it should adapt to the anatomy of the foot and be pleasantly soft and stable at the same time. That’s why special attention is paid to the design of all our shoes. Here we distinguish between Sacchetto and Strobel. But we are also masters without equal of the AGO-process. We rely on the latter especially for our Think! models. Amongst other things, this means that the shoes can be resoled after years of wear – all in the spirit of longevity and sustainability.