True concern.

Focussed on people.

Since our foundation, caring for the world around us has been part of our philosophy. On the one hand, this includes nature, which gives us the basis for our life. And on the other hand, people. We therefore support a number of social organisations and initiatives. The projects we fund support children in all aspects of life, people in difficult situations and all those who work for them. Our partners can rely on us for this.

Partnership without vanity.

We’re there where help is needed. We make no demands. We don’t insist on being mentioned by name, nor do we want to appear boldly as a sponsor. For us, it’s the deed that counts rather than being spoken about. That’s why we often help in the background as an initial sponsor for projects that lack necessary funding. Also, because it’s often easier to find further sponsors with an initial sponsor.

"First and foremost, it's about letting people know that they are getting true support. The focus is on making sure the money really gets to where it's needed."

—Alenka Klarica
CCO legero united

Projects dear to our heart

We have been supporting many of the initiatives we sponsor for years or even decades. In addition, we fund special individual initiatives from Austria and around the world that are close to our hearts: for example, we have been involved for many years with SOS Children’s Villages, Rainbows, the Red Cross and work as an „Impact Angel“ with CONCORDIA. We also support, for example, Doctors Without Borders, the Vinzi Village, World Vision, the Aid to the Blind, Amnesty International, the Ute Bock Refugee Initiative – and many more.

Global company, local care.

As an international company, we are committed to social initiatives at all our sites – for all our employees. For example, at our production facility in Romania or at our plant in Vellore, India. There we take care with a specially arranged shuttle service that collects our shoemakers from home in the morning and brings them back in the evening. Shifts are coordinated with them so that they can optimally combine their private and professional lives.

We maintain a kindergarten and a 10-grade school on site that serves 500 children from the age of four to middle school and, in addition, contribute to the community.