As passionate shoemakers,
we are head over heels
about soles.

Soles are our specialty.

Every shoe stands and falls by the sole. It gives the shoe good grip and provides support. It determines whether a shoe is light and comfortable. It cushions every step and lets us walk as if on clouds. And it essentially determines the design of the shoe. No wonder we pay special attention to our soles. The type of sole we use and the method we use to attach it to the shoe depends entirely on what it’s required to do.

Special processes require special know-how.

Our expertise goes beyond soles: We are also experts in footbeds – the inner soles or insoles. Ours are ergonomically shaped, ensure a good climate in the shoe and can even be easily replaced with special orthopaedic soles in many of our shoes. In children’s shoes, our insoles even help determine how well a shoe really fits. We know from experience that children can’t tell if a shoe is too small or too big, because their foot anatomy isn’t yet fully developed.

Soles: not only important on the shoe.