We know what makes
the best shoes:
craftsmanship skill and technical know-how.

Shoemaker’s knowledge doesn’t come by chance but from passion and conscientious work.

We aspire to produce the best shoes in the world. In addition to sophisticated design, key factors for us include suitability for daily use, lightness, comfort and sustainability. Whereby one factor shouldn’t exclude another. This balancing act has made us experts in feet and shoe craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on our manufacturing expertise. From the lasts and materials to the styles and technology, to the uppers and soles. In doing so, we constantly expand our knowledge and skills and always keep ourselves technically up to date through partnerships with universities and testing institutes.

We always take it very seriously.

When we design a new shoe, we start by paying attention to the anatomical aspects. We know how wide and high the shoe must be for our customers to be comfortable. Heel grip and entry are particularly important. Children’s shoes and older feet need more support.

To ensure that all these aspects are considered, we rely on more than just empirical values and mathematical formulas alone. With us, every model is put through its paces directly on the foot. That starts with the foot measurements and doesn’t stop even with the trial wearing of the first shoe samples. We measure the feet and make blueprints to perfectly compare the data with each other. The sensations of all test subjects are continuously incorporated into the development of each shoe model. They have an influence on the last, the upper and the choice of materials. Only then is the finished shoe created.

tested and developed:
we take it very carefully.

"When I hold the first prototype in my hand, it's a very special moment for me. Then you see that from the drawing, a shoe has been created. Every time is as exciting as the first. Of course, you're especially happy when you've worked on a shoe design for a long time and it's released for series production – it then feels a bit like your child leaving home."

– Gabriel Ornik
Head of R&D legero

Facts: no sooner said than done.

To develop a shoe of the highest quality takes extensive manufacturing expertise and a team of about 15 people. From the cutter to the PU technician to the stepper. Together, they need between 90 and 200 steps until the shoe is such that it meets our standards. In doing so, our shoemakers must not only master their craft, but also be very technically proficient. After all, many operations can now be carried out more precisely by machine or digitally. We were one of the first in our industry, for example, to fully digitalise product design. Implemented according to the latest technical standards, prototypes are first created in the in-house development department. Using CAD programs, 3D printing, 3D scanners and state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, our ideas and customisations are implemented immediately.

Only with a team
of first-class shoemakers can
the highest quality be created.