Our partners have
the same standards as we do:
delivering the highest quality.

We know exactly what we do, where we do it, and why we do it.

We have our own production facilities in Hungary, Romania and India. In Hungary, we also operate our own logistics centre. To make the best shoes in the world, we set ourselves the highest standards and only work with the best partner companies, whether in Europe or Asia. We have long-standing business relationships with all of them. All must act in accordance with our code of conduct and adhere to our standards for certifications. We know exactly what distinguishes our suppliers with regard to craftsmanship, professionalism and people. And we know we can absolutely rely on all our partners because they know exactly what we value.

For our customers, this means consistently high quality right down to the smallest tip of a shoe lace. Because we all work at the same high technical level, because we are always in close contact and mutually benefit from our know-how. All of this not only keeps us close, but it also keeps us moving forward.