Sustainable, certified, committed.
All of our production facilities have
specialists in their field.

Good quality is not a coincidence.

We design all our collections ourselves and manufacture most of them at our own sites in Romania, Hungary and India, which are all EMAS and ISO14001 certified. The entire value chain – from design to production to distribution – is controlled by us. Production is outsourced without intermediaries exclusively to long-term partners who have to commit to our Code of Conduct. This guarantees maximum transparency.

We have all the materials we use regularly tested by recognised testing institutes. Our high quality standards and strict material requirements often go far beyond industry standards. For our customers, this means consistently high quality down to the smallest shoe lace. Because we are all at the same high technical level, because we are always in close exchange and mutually benefit from our know-how.

"Our depth of value creation ensures maximum transparency and quality assurance."


We’re happy to take responsibility.
For our partners, too.

We know exactly what we do, where we do it and why we do it.

At the beginning there is the design. Then we think about how we can best implement the respective model. Many aspects play an important role: Who supplies the best leather? Do we have our own tanneries? Do the partner companies work for us? Or do they manufacture the shoe completely? What kind of soling do we need? How large is the print run? Who has the corresponding capacities?

For us, cooperation means give and

Just as we can rely on our partners, they, too, can rely on us. Among other things, we make sure that all partner companies operate at as full a capacity as possible. And when one of them can’t, the next one steps in. In our own production facilities in India and Romania we ensure that our shoemakers are picked up from home in the morning and taken back in the evening. Here, we run our own kindergarten and contribute to the communities in which we manufacture.

Know-how from all over the world.
For shoes that fulfil the highest aspirations.

India is strong in leather, Vietnam is particularly good at glued soles, and in Europe we are very familiar with lasts. That’s why we always consider, based on the respective expertise, who will take on which work so that a particular shoe turns out the way we envision it. Of the highest quality. At a fair price. And with maximum sustainability.

Our production site in Vellore:
committed to people and technically accomplished.

Social responsibility is particularly important to us.

In Vellore (in the Tamil Nadu region), we think the same way on the one hand, but quite differently on the other. When it comes to tried and tested aspects such as high quality and the aspiration to source our materials regionally, our site in India is exactly the same as those in Europe. Which is a result of close cooperation on an equal footing between all our locations.

On the other hand, our employees in this region haven’t grown up with all things that are commonplace elsewhere. That’s why we show a special care that is completely tailored to the culture. For all about 1000 employees.

Listening means appreciating.

We always listen to the concerns and needs of our employees. And try to find good solutions together with them for all their concerns. We collect our female employees from home with our shuttle service and bring them back after work. Shifts are coordinated with them so that they can optimally reconcile their private and professional lives. For the children, there’s a separate nursery. And at our Family Day, held every Saturday, family members can get a better picture of their loved one’s work and workplace. With lunch and Q&A sessions included. But because small wishes are sometimes just as valuable as a monthly salary, we are happy to fulfil them as well.

That’s how we achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

Admittedly, we are strict about some things. If we want to meet our sustainability and quality standards, we have to be. That’s why we undergo audits. Our goal here is to determine where we can improve. In our production facilities as well as on the supplier side. So if we notice something during one of our tests, we talk to each other. Together, a good solution can always be found so that everyone is satisfied in the end.