Slow fashion meets slow food: Think! ‘Kitchen Talk’ in Munich

May 24th, 2024

Munich, May 2024. Think! Managing Director and Lead Designer Christoph Mayer joined top chef Holger Stromberg for a ‘Kitchen Talk’ in Munich in mid-May. Under the motto ‘You Better Think! Twice”, the press event offered insights into the sustainable product philosophy, the colourful Think! models to touch and try on as well as culinary delicacies – prepared with slow food products from the region. In addition to the new models from the upcoming Autumn/Winter and current Spring/Summer collections, the talk focused on product quality. With Think! shoes, this ranges from high-quality, natural materials – primarily vegetable-tanned leather – to the handmade production ‘Made in Europe’ and the repairability of the shoes. Christoph Mayer explains: ‘There are hardly any shoemakers left who mend or repair shoes. Our Think! shoes should be worn for as long as possible. That’s why we offer an in-house repair service: our customers can send their Think! shoes to our in-house workshop for repair and refurbishment if necessary.’

Slow philosophy is convincing both in fashion and in the food sector
Holger Stromberg is also keen to further strengthen and promote awareness of the use of regional, high-quality food – in line with the slow food philosophy. He demonstrated live on site how the processing and simple preparation of flavourful, high-quality dishes can be achieved. The former chef and nutrition coach for the German national football team, who made a name for himself as a star chef in his younger years, also sees cross-industry collaboration as essential: ‘Working together to show that high-quality regional products are the better choice is what unites Christoph Mayer and me in our work.’

New collections presented: Think! sets the tone with urban casual styles
Think! has been a pioneer in the sustainable footwear industry for more than 30 years. The brand has already received several awards for its consistent focus on sustainability: more than 50 models have already been certified with the Blue Angel, Think! was voted the top brand in the field of sustainability by German shoe retailers and nominated for the Green Product Award in 2023. Since Christoph Mayer joined Think!, he has been rewriting the rules for the slow fashion pioneer from the Upper Austrian Innviertel region in order to adapt the brand to a more urban casual & dress casual wear aesthetic: the KUMI, TURNA and JOEKING models are successful examples of this. A new Think! look that is integratively on-trend but remains timeless and consistently follows the slow fashion approach.