Parents and retailers agree:superfit is among the best children’s shoe brands 2023

September 22nd, 2023

Graz, September 2023. superfit, Europe’s leading children’s shoe manufacturer, is among the best family brands 2023, according to a recently published survey by Germany’s leading online portal for families. Specialist retailers are also convinced by superfit: according to a survey published in July 2023, superfit is the most important children’s shoe brand for the retailers surveyed.

“The best choice for children’s shoes” – parents are convinced
Trust, quality and price/performance – parents across the country rated their favourite brands according to these categories. superfit scored top marks in all areas. The results prove superfit’s outstanding position as the preferred choice for children’s shoes. In over 70 categories, 530 brands were comprehensively analysed according to several aspects. The parents surveyed were unanimous and voted superfit among the “Best Family Brands 2023”. In the “Children’s Shoes” category, superfit received the highest score of 5 stars for the second time in a row.

“superfit is the strongest brand” – recognition among specialist retailers
Among specialist retailers, too, superfit is considered the most important brand for children’s shoes. In a recent survey of specialist retailers, superfit was named by 83% of respondents as their most important brand. These survey results underline the strong presence and trust that superfit enjoys among specialist retailers.