Once again, superfit, legero, and Think! have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel

July 27th, 2021

Graz, 27 July 2021.

legero united: Sustainable from Start to Finish


Shoes for the brands legero, superfit and Think! are developed under the umbrella of legero united. As an international company, legero united distributes shoes in over 40 countries. All of the brands carry the Austrian Ecolabel, one of the most stringent seals of quality of its kind. Think! was the first shoe brand and superfit the first children’s shoe brand to be honoured with this prestigious seal of quality. The legero united brands have been regularly certified since 2016. This season, select Agrat, Kong, Kapsl, Spuat and Tjub models were honoured for Think!, while additional Saturnus colour variants were honoured for superfit and additional colour variants of the Sneaker Light were honoured for legero.

Holistic Sustainability: superfit, legero and Think!
As a pioneer of sustainable shoe production, the responsible use of resources has been the core tenet of the Think! brand philosophy from the very beginning. Sustainability is often considered to be synonymous with environmental compatibility. Think! takes it a step further and thinks holistically. The company’s top priorities are always fair working conditions, environmental protection, quality and the durability of the shoes. In keeping with the principle of slow fashion, for 30 years Think! has been pioneering the production of shoes that promise long-lasting, sustainable satisfaction. The craftsmanship of high-quality materials is a guarantee for a long lifespan: #madeineurope, crafted with the finest materials and tanned chrome-free as far as quality allows, are the hallmarks of the products.

True to the motto “On the way to a sustainable future for humans and nature, every step counts”, sustainability is more than just a legal requirement for legero united; it is a sincere commitment that goes beyond compliance. Under VIOS, the company offers models in the superfit and legero collections that are manufactured in an especially resource-friendly process and without harmful additives and dyes according to the strictest criteria – with chrome-free tanned leathers and environmentally friendly materials. The VIOS Restricted Substance List (RSL), whose quality criteria extend far beyond conventional environmental standards, specifies the requirements for the raw materials and production technologies used in these models.

To ensure compliance with its strict quality standards, for its VIOS models and for Think! the company works exclusively with partners in select production facilities that are committed to the strict VIOS and  Think! standards. Particular attention is paid to environmentally friendly production and the shortest possible transport routes for a low carbon footprint.

Award-winning Sustainability
A distinction with the Austrian Ecolabel stands for increased quality of life and environmental quality. Only those products are certified that meet not only extensive environmental criteria but also numerous other requirements, such as adequate usability or quality. With the Austrian Ecolabel, consumers can immediately recognise that the highest quality and the utmost sustainability are guaranteed. To obtain the Austrian Ecolabel, the European origin and processing of all materials used are reviewed. Leather and skins must be vegetable tanned, i.e. chrome-free. Social criteria and usability criteria are also subjected to rigorous scrutiny. Shoes that have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel:

  • are made from chrome-free tanned leather
  • are made without PVC perfluorinated chemicals
  • are produced by employees whose occupational health and safety and social conditions meet the highest standards
  • are produced in a production process that complies with comprehensive environmental standards with reduced water consumption
  • are tested for durability, and it is required to specify which parts are repairable.

Alenka Klarica, legero united CCO: We are delighted to have once again been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel. Receiving the seal of approval is confirmation of our ongoing commitment to sustainability.”

As part of its luna (legero united Nachhaltigkeits-Agenda, or, in English, the legero united Sustainability Agenda) programme, currently the company is actively advancing its sustainability agenda through a series of wide-ranging measures and is working on a sustainability report that will be published at the beginning of 2022.