legero united: On the path to success with a strong team

May 2nd, 2023

Graz, 02 May 2023.  In 2022, legero united, the umbrella for the shoe brands superfit, legero and Think!, achieved the highest level of sales in its history and has been placing a strong strategic focus on the sustainability of its collections for many years. This approach is being pursued consistently with a multitude of measures throughout the entire value chain. The Austrian shoe manufacturer’s goal is to be CO2 neutral by 2030. The company’s successes and ambitions are backed by a strong team of competent managers.

legero united is growing dynamically. “In 2022, we achieved the highest sales in our company’s history with 217 million euros and almost 6.7 million pairs of shoes sold,” confirms Stefan Stolitzka, owner and CEO of the Austrian shoe manufacturer. In 2022, the company also achieved remarkable successes in the area of sustainability: for example, a sustainability report was published for the first time, which can also be accessed in its entirety on the company website. legero united was awarded the environmental management prize for the best environmental and climate protection measure by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection and the Environment for the creation of its company-wide eco-database. In a survey of specialist retailers, Think! was voted the No. 1 brand in the sustainability category and the Think! model Hauki was nominated for the Green Product Award.
legero united pursues its ambitious and pioneering sustainability goals through a company-wide, comprehensive project: all initiatives are consolidated within the legero united sustainability agenda, or luna (legero united Nachhaltigkeitsagenda) for short. One example is the company’s proprietary development platform for sustainable materials, VIOS, which was established back in 2013. With the VIOS Restricted Substance List, it defines far higher threshold value requirements than those demanded by the law or quality seals. Or participation in numerous industry and environmental initiatives. Above all, the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi),  which offers companies a sound scientific method for the definition of carbon targets that are in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Within the scope of the European Union’s Green Deal, it is considered the “gold standard” for companies. “We are already taking into account the EU’s future legal framework in all our developments and are therefore able to comply with it at any time. We all do this on the basis of a value that has defined our company for 150 years: a genuine concern for people and the environment. It serves as the guiding light for our entire team,” adds Stefan Stolitzka. He notes that the success of the company is a team effort: “We have a strong team of competent managers who work closely with senior management. Many of our colleagues have been with the company for years and have grown into their roles with dedication and expertise.” For example, Anna Carbonari, Regional Sales Manager for the DACH region and E-Commerce, maintains close contact with senior management. The same is true for Julia Knapitsch, who is responsible for Human Resources, Business Analytics and Marketing, as well as the division heads of the business units superfit, legero and Think! “In the spirit of an agile organisation with short lines of communication, ample room for action and development and swift decision-making, we would like to further integrate our managers into the crucial strategic developments of the company,” explains Stefan Stolitzka. He will lead the legero united management team together with Morten Bay Jensen and work closely with the respective division managers. Kristin Käpplinger will leave the company at her own request. “We wish her all the best for her future.”