Our environmental
. The basics
of sustainability.

Our products should inspire people, improve their quality of life and conserve natural resources. Our company uses the most modern production methods to create shoes from sustainable materials with well thought-out designs and high levels of comfort. Our brands combine this aspiration. For us, doing business successfully means fully accepting our social and ecological responsibility. We take the ecological and social impact of all decisions and activities into account.

We design and manufacture shoes that impact the environment as little as possible by making attractive, durable and repairable shoes. To achieve this, we use environmentally friendly materials and products that meet our high standards and use environmentally compatible manufacturing processes. At all of our locations, we strive to minimise the consumption of materials, water and energy, promote the use of renewable energy, consistently separate waste and recycle it wherever possible. And to keep emissions to air, water and soil as low as possible.

Together with our suppliers and other partners, we want to reduce environmental impact along our entire value chain. We ensure compliance with all respective legal regulations and binding obligations and steadily work on improving our environmental performance.

Our sustainability report
is the best proof of
our commitment.

2022 is when it happens: our first sustainability report is here. For us, it’s not only proof of our consistently sustainable actions but it also shows the progress we are making with them. In future, we will therefore regularly publish our successes in the area of sustainability in the form of a sustainability report. With this, we want to encourage not only ourselves but also others to do the same. Because only together can we achieve the climate targets necessary to protect our environment.