Think! is a pioneer
in sustainability.
And has been for over 30 years.

Sustainably sustainable.

For Think! sustainability isn’t a trend. It’s a timeless attitude. Think! sees the environment as more than a buzzword, design as more than short-lived fashion. This aspiration has guided Think! since the brand was founded in 1990. For over 30 years, Think! has been offering sustainable women’s and men’s shoes with a perfect fit and unique design for true individuals. Which is why Think! is also the first shoe manufacturer to receive the Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) and the Austrian Ecolabel for its models.

The shoes are lined with chrome-free tanned leather from heel to toe. A variety of lasts and fits that can be individually adjusted to the foot, well thought-out functions, supple soles and replaceable insoles mean that optimal wearing comfort is always ensured.

For Think! the best is close at hand. That’s why the materials we use to make Think! shoes come not from distant chemical factories – but from nature. They are produced in 200 manual steps exclusively in Europe using materials sourced only from European suppliers in accordance with the criteria of the FairWearFoundation. Think!’s own repair service guarantees maximum longevity. Think! tests all materials against criteria often more stringent than required by legislation. And the conditions under which they are produced. Along the complete production chain, from the source to disposal. Because that’s good for the feet, for people – and for the environment.

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Every path needs someone
to take it for the first time.
Sustainable design for true individualists.