Our sustainability agenda:
the best evidence of
how serious we are.

Sustainability in concrete terms: that's our luna.

The legero united sustainability agenda, known to us as luna, is our approach to promoting sustainability. In an all-encompassing way. For us, this means first, do our homework and then work on our CO2 balance. The Science Based Targets initiative is an important step in the right direction for us. It helps us set goals and determine how we can achieve them on a scientifically sound basis. These are then also regularly and officially validated so that we always know where we stand on our way to a sustainable future for people and nature.


Outstandingly sustainable: our eco-database

We see ourselves as a manufacturer with social responsibility and place a strong focus on the sustainability of our collections and their production along the entire value chain. That is why we have programmed our own eco-database. With its help, we can calculate the carbon footprint for each of the well over 3,500 articles that we develop annually for our superfit, legero and Think! brands and then reduce it in a targeted manner with appropriate measures. The ecological optimisation takes place with the help of the customised eco-database already in the design phase for each individual shoe model: our designers can compare different design variants in real time. The database is based on ingredients, material consumption and environmental aspects such as CO2, water, chemicals and resource consumption. In addition, the company’s own eco-database can be used to show sustainable improvements to existing articles in a measurable way. In 2022, we were awarded the prize for the best measure in the field of environmental and climate protection by the Austrian Federal Environmental Agency for the creation of our eco-database.

Avoidance, not compensation

Together with our suppliers and other partners, we want to reduce environmental impact along the entire value chain. For this reason, we’ve programmed an ECO database with which we work on our CO2 calculation. The materials we use for shoe production play an important role in this because we know that materials are responsible for 70-90% of our CO2 balance. The ECO database shows exactly where we need to start and where we can efficiently save CO2. We find that we can better achieve our ambitious goal of CO2 neutrality through avoidance rather than by simply offsetting. Because green washing is a no-go for us.

In line with our luna project, we’ve established an EMAS environmental management system for all our sites in the European Union. In 2021, our Austrian sites in Feldkirchen near Graz and Kopfing were certified and in 2022 Hungary, Romania and India – with the corresponding non-European equivalent – will follow.

Our sustainability report summarizes the measures we are taking to drive our luna agenda foward and the successes we have achieved so far. It is an important evidence that we take this matter serious.

luna... that's all of us

We are also working on defining our product sustainability standards. Because we want to make sure that everyone in our legero united team understands what he or she can contribute to the sustainability of our products. And evaluate for themselves whether their own behaviour is in line with our sustainability policy. At our company, every department and every team member is encouraged to consciously act sustainably and to independently develop proposals to advance our sustainability agenda.

Our “luna ambassadors” – employees who are particularly committed to the topic of sustainability – meet monthly to jointly develop ideas, define company-wide sustainability initiatives and drive their implementation. They bring information into the company, inspire their colleagues and provide suggestions where each and every individual can actively make his or her contribution.

Do you have questions or suggestions on this topic? Get in touch with us at sustainability@legero-united.com.