The particular feeling of lightness

The name of our women’s footwear brand legero stands for relaxed comfort: legero shoes are particularly lightweight. A timelessly beautiful design, made in a sustainable way, comfortable and of an exceptional quality are the most important criteria that each pair of shoes in the legero collection must meet. As early as at the initial design stage, even before the first sketch is produced, a target weight and a maximum carbon footprint is defined for each design in the collection in order to develop shoes that are as lightweight and eco-friendly as possible. We ensure that we use recycled or sustainable materials for the individual components of our shoes – from the eyelets to the shoe laces.

Our collections include designs for all women that are easy to put on and feature well-thought-out fasteners, removable insoles and breathable lining and upper materials. That is why we have cooperated with reliable partners such as GORE-TEX®, for example, for many years to jointly develop innovative technologies and materials. When we decide on the cut of the upper or choose one of our functional fastening systems, we focus on perfect stability, maximum ankle support and a flexible, uncomplicated adjustment of the shoe when it is on the foot, as well as practical comfort features such as our easy-on and easy-off opening. The soles of our legeros are manufactured using the “Direct Injection Technology”: for perfect tread and pronation habits and optimum grip in all weather conditions.


Experience the incomparable legero feeling on every occasion. #withLightness

The legero Eco Agenda

Within the scope of our company-wide sustainability initiatives, we are are also driving the sustainability of our legero collections. The legero Eco Agenda summarises our measures and reflects our commitment to ensuring that our women’s footwear is manufactured in a socially fair and resource-saving way.

All of the leather linings and removable leather insoles in a legero collection are chrome-free tanned and meet the strict threshold value standards of our in-house development platform VIOS®. This means that they meet the strict criteria of the VIOS® Restricted Substance List and are tested far more rigorously than required by the law and the industry standards.

Certified quality

  • Our focus on sustainability has been awared: we have received the renowned Blue Angel eco-label for five variants of our model FRESH and three variants of TANARO 5.0.
  • 2022 we were acknowledged as customer champion in the categories customer satisfaction, value for money and quality within the scope in the Austrian consumer study Marken-Monitor.
A cool look with ease

Our legeros suit every occasion for every moment of the day. Want some inspiration? Styling tips, testimonials from our wearers and a look behind the scenes of our collection development can be found on our YouTube channel.