Learning united,
growing united.

luac – the legero united academy

At legero united we don’t just work together, we work united. Only together can we create the environment that inspires us and spurs us on to top performance. An environment in which we constantly grow, as a company and as individuals. In the legero united academy, or luac for short, we offer our employees tailor-made development initiatives. It is our most important instrument for promoting personnel development. Whether in the form of interdisciplinary workshops, peer groups based on the “train the trainer” principle or virtual learning events: our legero united academy combines various formats that support our employees in developing their skills and learning new topics.

"Our development initiatives focus on the individual needs of our employees."

luac, the legero united academy is a key strategic initiative of our company. Raquel Hammer, Organisation and People Development Manager, puts together the customised development units in close exchange with all departments of our company. In this interview she talks about the focus of luac, by which values it is guided and why the topic of learning is particularly close to her heart: