Shoes will be shoes?
No way!
It’s the last that counts

When it comes to our lasts, we are very precise.

The basis for each shoe is the last. It’s the most important tool for our shoemakers. A 3D image of the human foot, so to speak, around which – with each new model – the shoe design is incorporated. The last defines the silhouette of the shoe: whether the shoe should be pointed, angular or round at the front. We develop our shoe around the last. Size, width, fit, proportions – the design and comfort of a shoe depend largely on the last.

The lasts are digitized and can thus be perfectly compared, checked and adjusted. Which is why we spend a lot of time tinkering with our lasts until they fit. Or rather, until the shoe model, which is to be manufactured, fits perfectly. It’s an art form in itself. Those who master it have a permanent place in the legero united team. Because we can be sure that we can only produce the shoes our customers want with the right lasts. Anatomically shaped and healthy for the foot – the best reason for us to stick to our lasts. Or at least with those who make them. After all, it’s a very special skill.

Small feet, many lasts.

Because special care is required for the development of lasts for children’s feet, we adhere to the renowned WMS® width measurement system. Based on this, shoes are produced in wide, medium and narrow widths. So there’s always a suitable shoe for each child. There are many years of experience behind the WMS® system plus countless data, collected and evaluated and a lot of know-how. Because, for the healthy development of children’s feet, children’s shoes must fit perfectly and be particularly comfortable – without compromise.