for a vibrant contemporary
art scene.

Why contemporary art?

Contemporary art doesn’t always have it easy. It is not yet established. It has to prove itself first. That’s why we invest in novel, inspiring, moving art today. To allow it to thrive. To allow it to grow. With all the lightness that art needs. Often, it’s this nurturing contribution that turns something good into something great.

„The great tomorrow is created today.“

—Stefan Stolitzka
owner and CEO legero united

To every age its art.

An open, compassionate community cannot survive without art and culture. Art and culture open up new spaces for thought and freedom. As a private initiative, con-tempus has been promoting contemporary art instiutions for over ten years. To preserve freedom and diversity in the contemporary art scene and to strengthen it in the long term. The focus is never on artists per se, but on organisations, institutions, festivals and projects that enable artists to create something honest. Because honesty is also an essential value for us.

Everyone should be able to share in the impact of art. At legero united, among other things, in the form of particularly high-quality and elaborately designed art cards. We send these out and make them freely available to everyone on the legero united campus. In this way, we give artists an additional platform to reach a broader public.

To art its freedom.

In the past, artistic freedom was often the first thing to be restricted in uncertain times. Because art exposes problems, takes on social issues with a critical eye, influences and sometimes shapes them. A vibrant society needs a discourse with art so that, through an exchange with it, it can develop further. That is why con-tempus works freely according to the motto of the Vienna Secession: “To every age its art. To art its freedom”