No two feet are the same.
It takes sensitivity
to develop the right shoes.

Anatomy determines everything: from the footbed to the upper to the last.

Over the course of our lives, our feet carry us around the globe about four times. And not infrequently, they perform heavy labour. Even from our very first steps. At the same time, our feet usually have faithful companions: shoes. Therefore, first and foremost, they must be comfortable. But also light. Nothing should press or constrict.

You need a lot of knowledge about foot anatomy before you can make shoes that really fit. That’s why there’s something of an orthopaedic specialist inside each of our shoemakers. This knowledge flows into the development of each of our shoe models.

One, two, buckle my shoe.
If it fits well, it’s made for you.

Large, small, wide, narrow: Every foot is different. With adults, just as with children. Anatomically, our feet are highly complex and have to perform multiple functions: standing upright, walking, running, jumping, absorbing shocks… to name just a few. Yet women’s feet have different needs than men’s feet – because they are much more sensitive. Things get even more specialised when it comes to the feet of our little ones.

At legero united, the knowledge surrounding these differences is already incorporated into the design and continues through the way of manufacturing to the choice of materials.

Children’s feet: a challenge unto themselves – because they are still growing.

Our feet consist of almost 30 bones, around 300 ligaments and tendons and about 30 joints. The first six years are crucial for the development of the tendons and muscles of our feet. Children’s feet grow on average until the age of 16 and are also malleable and not completely developed until then. Therefore, it is important to look for shoes with a perfect, child-friendly fit for as long as possible.

We therefore develop our superfit children’s shoes on special, child-friendly lasts that take special account of the anatomy of a child’s foot.

How often should children's feet be measured?

Children’s feet grow quickly and in stages: by about two to three shoe sizes every year! Therefore, children’s feet should be measured regularly every three to four months. Whether the child’s foot has enough room to roll and grow can be checked with the “perfect fitting line” on the removable insoles of our superfit shoes.