Everyone talks about sustainability.
With us, it’s lived –
in every areas.

Commitment to the environment pays off for everyone.

The world we live will only exist only once. Preserving it and handling it with care has always been close to our hearts. That’s why we always act responsibly as a company – in everything we do. We are aware that there’s more to sustainability than just ecology. After all, it’s not just about the environment and our climate. For us, sustainability also encompasses social justice and economic management. At legero united, we think holistically about sustainability.

We live this aspiration passionately. It’s reflected in our many initiatives, our pursuit of transparency, traceability and the goal of being CO2 neutral by 2030.

To ensure that we succeed, we involve all our employees. Together with each department, we develop ideas on how we can become even more sustainable. And when we’ve implemented them, we regularly check to see how well we’ve done. In this way, we raise each other’s awareness of environmental issues and are proud of the fact that in many respects we manage to do it better than others.