As a shoe manufacturer,
you can’t stand still if you want
to drive sustainability forward.

Around the clock commitment.

Sustainability is a very serious concern for us. That’s demonstrated by many small things each and every day. For us, however, they make a big difference. Our sites in Feldkirchen near Graz and in Kopfing are EMAS-certified. We cook and serve regional and seasonal food in our restaurant. We also pay attention to how the food we use is produced. After all, it also has a major impact on the environment and the climate.

Free of charge, but not for nothing.

Our pool cars, which are available to all employees as needed, have been supplemented with electric cars. Our electric vehicle charging stations are available to both our employees and our customers – free of charge. Another contribution to sustainable business: we never destroy returned or sample shoes or factory seconds under any circumstances. On the contrary, we give these shoes away to many charitable initiatives so that they continue to serve socially disadvantaged people well for a long time to come. That way, not one of our shoes is left without a matching foot.