We love design.
It’s in our DNA.
In everything we do.

Inspiration: the first step towards timeless, individual design

To always be one step ahead, we must also always think one step ahead. This is only possible with foresight and a great deal of intuition. A feel for colours, shapes, cuts and patterns. A feeling for design, fashion and materials. Above all, a feeling for what moves people. Because what moves us all makes the difference.


The perfect symbiosis of inspired design and uncompromising fit.

Because for us, design and fit must result in a perfect symbiosis. Our shoes should be comfortable. They should underline the personality of our customers. They should be functional and feel good on the feet all day long. And they should always meet our high design standards.

Attractive design
and perfect fit
not a contradiction for us.

Common basis, individual profile: our brands

What unites our brands is our uncompromisingly high standard of design and fit. Nevertheless, each of our brands has its very own design signature.

At legero, the focus is on lightness at all levels. Be it in the materials, the design or the feeling our customers experience every day when wearing them. Our children’s shoe brand superfit combines decades of expertise and competence with cool looks that inspire kids and parents alike and allow children to discover the world on healthy feet. Think! has been a pioneer in sustainability for more than 30 years. When it comes to sustainable materials and manufacturing with an individual design signature, Think! is hard to beat. For all individualists who are ready to go their own way.