Cultural promotion: To every age its art. To art its freedom.

Why contemporary art?

Contemporary art doesn’t always have it easy. It is not yet established. It has to prove itself first. That’s why we invest in novel, inspiring, moving art today. To allow it to thrive. To allow it to grow. With all the lightness that art needs. Often, it’s this nurturing contribution that turns something good into something great.

„The great tomorrow is created today.“

—Stefan Stolitzka
Owner and CEO of legero united

To every age its art. To art its freedom.

In responsibility for the promotion of a free and democratic society, the support of culture and art is of great concern to us.

In 2011, we brought all initiatives together in the cultural promotion platform con-tempus. We support contemporary art institutions that are locally anchored and internationally received. They are also sustainable and independent in every context. In order to provide planning security, we make long-term financial support available as a donation.

In the past, the freedom of art was often the first thing to be restricted in uncertain times. For art exposes problems, takes on social issues with a critical eye, influences and sometimes shapes them. A living society needs discourse with art in order to develop further in exchange with it. That is why con-tempus works freely according to the motto of the Vienna Secession: “To every age its art. To art its freedom.”