Our mission is the genuine care for people and nature.

Our values: genuinely caring, knowledgeable, creative, pioneering.

We are shoemakers who put people first. Caring sincerely, honestly, genuinely – that is, truly – about people and the environment is our compass of values. You have to be knowledgeable – i.e. scientifically sound – in order to work creatively and develop truly groundbreaking products.

Since the foundation of our company more than 150 years ago, doing business successfully has meant assuming our social and ecological responsibility in a comprehensive manner. In all our decisions and activities, we always take into account the associated ecological impact on people and the environment.

  • We are genuinely caring.

    We care for the well-being of people and our environment: For the best possible sustainability in each case. For trusting, long-term relationships. And for cross-generational responsibility in thinking, acting and doing business.

  • We are genuinely knowledgeable.

    We know our field of action and that of all stakeholders comprehensively: We use our qualifications and competencies with our intuition for sound judgement.

  • We are genuinely creative.

    We understand our field of action comprehensively and ensure the development of new and unique answers and solutions.

  • We are genuinely pioneering.

    We think and act in terms of the truly best solution – economically, humanly, ecologically and spiritually trend-setting.