Employee retention – more important today than ever before

Susanne Haring, HR Specialist – August 29th, 2022

A keyword is currently haunting the ranks of companies: The Great Resignation – the great wave of resignations that is sweeping from the USA to Europe and even to us in Styria. Even before the pandemic, employees in Austria had an average of 10 employers, which means they changed jobs about every four years. And this number is rising rapidly.

More and more people are quitting their jobs, often without having a new job in sight. The reasons for this are manifold: low pay, lack of appreciation, lack of development opportunities, but above all a core thought during the pandemic: our world seems to be collapsing, but I should keep working? The meaning of gainful employment was suddenly brought into focus – in order to stay there. 

But meaningful work – prupose – is and always has been important, because those who find meaning in their work are more productive, more satisfied in their everyday lives and, above all, healthier. Meaningful work is therefore not a luxury issue.

It has never been as important for companies as it is today to retain employees in the long term, to offer people reasons and opportunities to stay and to develop and also identify themselves in and with the company.
Our employees stay with legero united for an above-average length of time; more than a quarter of the workforce has been part of the legero team for over 10 years, and retired colleagues continue to remain loyal to us even after their well-deserved retirement. 

There are many reasons to stay with legero united: Not only an attractive working environment with certified sustainability, but also individual further training opportunities and comprehensive benefits, but above all meaningful work – a common goal and unifying values. Because to us, shoes are not just articles of clothing, but an attitude on life: we want to produce the truly best shoes in the world – pioneering in design, in suitability for everyday use and in sustainability. No factor is neglected, no compromises are made. 

Shoe making is a craft, and in order to create a shoe from a drawing, fifteen employees work together and up to 200 steps are necessary. And so, inspired by the knowledge of all areas, something is constantly growing that is greater than the sum of all the parts: our team at legero united.

This philosophy of shared caring is transferred to all areas. Heidi Lang from payroll accounting, now with legero united for more than sixteen years, puts it this way: “I came to legero united to gain initial work experience and then move on. But now I’ve been here for over sixteen years and – despite a very long commute – I have no desire to change. At legero united we don’t just work together, we work united.”

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