The cow is not purple

Susanne Haring, HR Spezialistin – December 5th, 2022

“Some people nowadays may believe that the cow is purple. The fact that leather for our shoes also comes from this cow is such a wide leap barely anyone makes any more. And yet it already starts with the meadow where the animal is standing.” This sentence once came up in a conversation with our Model / and Development Coordinator Sebastian Leitner. Casually and smiling said, but the underlying meaning is profound: in our modern world it is all too easy to lose touch with the raw material behind a product.

Someone who knows leather like no other is Robert Gregory, Materials Manager Leather at legero united. “What I love about leather? That you never stop learning, because every leather hide tells its own story.” Robert continues, “For example, since legero united became a member of the Leather Working Group and only sources LWG certified leather, quality issues have drastically reduced. That is wonderful for us! But it is about much more than just increasing the quality of the product through standardised processing. By sourcing only certified leather, we make a significant contribution to improving environmental protection and working conditions in the leather processing factories, and also to the living conditions of the animals. And this is reflected in every single pair of our shoes.”

Only in October, legero united was awarded the prize for the best measure in the area of environmental and climate protection 2022 by the Austrian Federal Environmental Agency for the programming and implementation of our company’s own eco-database. Furthermore, all three of our brands have received the coveted Blue Angel for models in their Autumn/Winter 2022 collection – for the sustainability pioneer Think! even more than 40!

But we at legero united are convinced that living sustainability extends even further than just an award-winning product – or in our case an award-winning new head office, our campus. At legero united, sustainability is lived by every colleague who independently develops ideas in their daily work. It is our sustainability agenda luna that carries this idea of collective responsibility into our ranks. The ‘luna ambassadors’ meet monthly to jointly develop ideas, define company-wide sustainability initiatives and drive their implementation. They act as an information interface in the company, inspire their colleagues and give suggestions where each and every individual can actively make their own personal contribution. Thus, it manifests itself in product development, along the entire value chain, in daily interaction with each other and in all decisions, large and small.

Lived sustainability is a soil in which groundbreaking innovations can bud and take root. Lived sustainability is posed in our constant question: What is best for people and the environment? And that is the path we have decided to take as legero united:

With true concern for people and nature.