Courage and confidence

Susanne Haring, HR Spezialistin – February 8th, 2023

45 years in the company: Starting as an apprentice, retiring as an authorised signatory – what once was the rule became terribly unpopular in our corporate landscapes in the ‘0s.
All of a sudden, long-serving staff members were called dinosaurs or veterans who suddenly seemed to come from a bygone era in which – as long as the company did not slide into deep red figures or one stole the golden spoons – they almost held civil servant status.
As is so often the case, a trend spilled across the pond: “Hire and fire” was suddenly the order of the day. What didn’t fit had to go, trying to make something suitable no longer corresponded to the spirit of the times. Today, 20 years later, in times of demographic change and labour shortages, things are looking different again. Companies that fail to retain employees, foster them at an early stage and offer development work suddenly find that key positions are unoccupied.

At legero united, it has always been our conviction that only by caring for one another can an environment grow that inspires us and spurs us on to top performance. This principle is not subject to any trend, but serves as a deeply rooted basis for the organisation. Indeed, only where curiosity and innovation meet the courage to change and caring towards each individual can we avoid what has made these singular employment biographies so out of fashion: The stagnation, the lack of innovation and curiosity that comes from working the same routines day in and day out. And this is precisely where we at legero united see our task: to continue to grow and grow with confidence. Not only will this ensure trusting, long-standing relationships – not only with colleagues, but also with all external partners – but it will keep all doors open for the development of new answers and solutions.

Christine Weiß, who started as Head of Retail at legero united in 2019 and is now not only Head of Customer Sales Service but also heads the Distribution department, can only confirm it: “What I find outstanding here, at legero united, is the courage: the courage not to put previous experience above potential and, of course, in conjunction with that, the courage to make mistakes.” Because at legero united we cultivate an open, active error culture that motivates and rewards performance and uses mistakes to make future processes better.
Christine, who describes herself as a practitioner, chose legero united as her employer precisely because of this very pragmatic approach. Because being able to make a career for herself was always important to her. “I have the feeling that people at legero united think and act in a very practical way.”
Above all, the time that each colleague in a new position is given to familiarise themselves with their new role is something that Christine appreciates very much.

This is also confirmed by Anna Carbonari, who started as a marketing assistant at legero united in 2011 and now, at only 33 years old and as a young mother, holds the role of Regional Manager Central. “Despite a lack of previous experience, I always had mentors at legero united who had faith in me and confidence that I was also capable of fulfilling new, unfamiliar tasks; who were willing to let me tread new ground.” Anna, who is particularly energised by working together and having fun with her colleagues, describes it as great luck to be able to do things with enthusiasm and passion.
And here we come full circle back to the big picture of what makes legero united so special: By acting collectively in a manner that is solution-oriented and encourages the necessary changes. In all departments. For only in this way can we live up to our claim of producing the truly best shoes in the world. That is what makes us grow as shoemakers at legero united – no matter what position we hold.