All of our production
facilities have specialists
in their field.

Know-how from all over the world. For shoes that fulfil the highest aspirations.

India is strong in leather, Vietnam is particularly good at glued soles, and in Europe we are very familiar with lasts. That’s why we always consider, based on the respective expertise, who will take on which work so that a particular shoe turns out the way we envision it. Of the highest quality. At a fair price. And with maximum sustainability.

That’s how we achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

Admittedly, we are strict about some things. If we want to meet our sustainability and quality standards, we have to be. That’s why we undergo audits. Our goal here is to determine where we can improve. In our production facilities as well as on the supplier side. So if we notice something during one of our tests, we talk to each other. Together, a good solution can always be found so that everyone is satisfied in the end.