About us

People are the centre of attention in everything we think and do. That is more than a sentence, it is our true passion: as shoemakers to create the best shoes for our large and small customers. Achieving this provides us with the greatest pleasure. At the same time, we utilise the entire spectrum of craftsmanship combined with state-of-the art technology all the way to scientifically-based research and development.

All in all we are 861 colleagues from 41 nations currently working for legero united. The wonderful potential and strength of this diversity shapes the success of our four product brands Legero, Superfit, Think! and Vios. Constant growth and numerous awards accompany us along this path. In Germany alone, 19 pairs are sold per minute.

Career at legero united

“You can only really be successful in this branch if you do it with passion” – Excellent expressed by Andreas Kainz, our Supply Chain Manager for Think! Although we have already celebrated great successes for many years, we are probably more of a “hidden champion” on the international shoe market for you. All the happier it would make us if you were to discover and invest your time and energy in us to fully understand and develop your potential at legero united. Take a look for yourself – get to know us better in our brief film.

Open positions

We have big plans for the coming years. Actually huge plans. We are investing more extensively than ever, uniting wonderful people from several nations in a targeted manner to join hands to create the best shoes with our hearts and minds. Maybe you can envision your future in one of the open positions.


Or just write to us and tell us what makes you stand out. Feel free to contact us if you have an internship and diploma thesis request – the more concret, the better. We look forward to be in contact with you.



Our brands

Each of our four brands are first class of their own accord, nonetheless they have a lot in common. The passion to details, to work imaginatively, and to design pioneering collections. We do more than simply create shoes under the umbrella of legero united, we truly make the best shoes for all individuals. The fact that all four subsidiaries with their superlative products are in a good company only happens in the best of families.

Legero – the lightweight shoe

Attractive, modern casual shoes for all women, fitting for many occasions and outfits – and at an affordable price. We are happy to hear more and more frequently: the excellent wearing comfort immediately makes Legeros become people’s favourite shoes. The brand was voted number one in the sneakers segment by German shoe retailers this year.


In particular, the kids need specially crafted, functional footwear. Superfit meets precisely these requirements whilst combining them with a look which children adore. It is by no means a coincidence that Superfit is the clear market leader in the children’s shoes segment. It was accoladed as Germany’s best shoe brand with the Shoe Award 2016.


Not run-of-the-mill, but individual everyday women’s and men’s shoes. In exceptional wearing quality. Consciously chic because development, design, use of materials and manufacturing follow sustainable criteria. That leaves its mark: Think was the first shoe manufacturer to be given the Austrian eco-label in 2015, the German eco-label “Blue Angel” in 2017. Both awards stand for sustainability and environmental protection along the entire production chain.

How fitting for this brand.


Pure, perfectly-shaped shoes, unifying man and nature in harmony. Vios is a pioneer in the development of fully biodegradable shoe collections which are absolutely pollution-free. Exclusively resource-friendly and environmentally-friendly materials are processed, a fair production process in all respects is guaranteed. Winner of the Trigos Prize 2013 and the WorldStar Packaging Award 2015.


legero united is the initiator of con-tempus, a platform for the promotion and proliferation of contemporary art. This involvement can be explained by our understanding of art and culture. We view it as an important carrier of a happily functioning, open society. We would like to support and expand this.